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Salām ʿAlaykum — I’m Nabiha!

Becoming a Muslim Mother

As a new Muslim mother raising a lil’ deenie of my own, I knew I wanted my infant to be exposed to Islam from the moment he woke me up in the mornings to the moment I kissed him goodnight. I wanted our life to be filled with constant reminders of the beauty of Islam and that started from my child’s playroom! But after months of searching in stores and online, I was surprised that I couldn’t find Islamic toys that were both educational AND aesthetic. Either they were filled with Islamic info but boring, or they were flashy but had almost no educational value. That’s when the idea for
Lil’ Deenies was born!


What is Lil’ Deenies?

Lil’ Deenies
is dedicated to making toys that teach Islamic values but are also appealing for children AND parents! We believe that Islamic education doesn’t have to be boring. And our toys are designed so that children and parents can both be involved. We want to create an interactive environment at home—one that builds maḥabba (love) and raḥma (compassion) between parent and child for the sake of Allah!

Product Development

Here, we practice
iḥsān (excellence). That’s why each toy is carefully curated for our lil’ deenies and their parents. It took us a year of research and testing to get the product you see today.

What’s to Come?

Lil’ Deenies
mission is to be the one-stop shop for modern Muslim toys, clothing, and other everyday items. Your children will learn simply by interacting with our visually and aesthetically appealing educational products. The ultimate goal is for Lil’ Deenies to become a household name as common as Fisher-Price or Maisonette. That’s why we develop high-end, good quality, and well-designed products that can compete with any other American children’s brand.


Safe for infants!

All of our products and puzzles have been tested by a third-party agency to ensure that they are free of toxins and safe for your kids! Anything we sell is approved by the CPSC (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission) and certified free of lead and phthalates.